Migrating to Alteryx Server for a Data-Enabled Financial Services Organization

Case Study


A large financial services firm needed help migrating automated workflows to a newly purchased server. They previously used a custom-made, non-supported solution and wanted to upgrade to the supported Alteryx server. Alteryx servers allow scheduled workflows, provide a better user interface and governance model, and support the goal to expand self-service analytics and Alteryx throughout their organization.



The previous solution wasn’t supported by our client’s internal IT department, creating extreme risk if the home-grown solution went down. Only associates on the reporting team could access and run the workflows, which created roadblocks and bottlenecks when those associates were busy or unavailable. The client knew they needed a thoroughly supported, long-term approach for the 200+ data pipelines feeding a variety of business-critical dashboards and reports across the enterprise.



Documenting the data inflows and outflows for every workflow in production is where CSpring’s data solution experts came in.  This integral part of the project ensured the reporting team had easy access to a catalog of connections and data locations from which the Alteryx Server required access to pull the disparate data sources and execute workflows.



By migrating to an Alteryx server and thoroughly cataloging data inflows and outflows, our client now has a stable, centralized platform to easily manage, expand, automate over 200 Alteryx workflows that support reporting for enterprise-wide operations.