Building a Custom Application to Enable Data Accessibility and Analytics

Case Study


CSpring was engaged to assist one of the world’s largest agricultural biotechnology companies in addressing its need for data accessibility and analytics. The organization has collected many decades of historical data, including the lineage of plant materials collected by field staff. Regulations vary from region to region but consistently include strict requirements for tracking genetically modified organisms.


Population growth is projected to outpace the global food supply’s growth rate. The organization has a global workforce researching ways to enhance the global food supply. This mission requires large volumes of data and complex business rules for tracking and tracing materials. Gaining visibility into biological materials would not only meet compliance needs but also provide opportunities for competitive advantages. Having access to information across regions would improve the organization’s ability to leverage performance traits and disease resistance, all keys to addressing the global food crisis.


CSpring partnered with business stakeholders to develop a custom, web-based application, and rules engine with more than 120 business rules for importing historical data. The new platform allowed researchers to easily track, trace, and analyze materials anywhere in the world. CSpring also helped build a data staging and identity management platform and visualization tool, allowing end-users to easily access critical information.


CSpring and the team were able to quickly launch features in the first few months, resulting in a savings of nearly 30% to the program.