Creating a Data Strategy for a Global Agriscience Firm

Case Study


One of the world’s largest Agribusiness corporations contacted us for help in leveraging its internal IT and business infrastructure to build a more effective, data-centric culture. The company sought new and strategic ways to use its data – both internally and externally – as a foundation to drive the business forward.


The client faced increasing pressure from larger competitors and was searching for ways to gain a competitive advantage. To meet this challenge, CSpring worked with client stakeholders to construct an overarching data strategy that would meet the needs of the business and better serve its customers across the globe.


CSpring interviewed the company’s Senior Management team representing Supply Chain, Business Systems, Research and Development, Commercial, Finance, and IT to identify the current state of their division’s data, systems, work processes, and future objectives. We analyzed this information to devise a thought-provoking and productive Information Innovation workshop agenda. The subsequent CSpring workshop proved successful in generating Senior Management consensus on an approach to creating a Global Data Vision, a Data Mission, and a Federated Data Architecture strategy.  The concluding theme was to “Connect Today’s and Tomorrow’s Information to Gain a Competitive Advantage.”


This engagement’s triumph delivered a plan to develop a Data Governance Organization (DGO), providing data stewardship and oversight and ensuring that all data-related projects align to corporate KPIs and deliver value. The client adopted this strategy as the standard by which it will assemble and disseminate data across its global enterprise.

CSpring delivered a vision for managing data as an asset and a plan to leverage data to give this client an edge over its rivals and ultimately provide a better value proposition.

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