Creating a Data Strategy for a Global Biotechnology Firm

Data Story


In a rapidly evolving industry, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies turned to CSpring to harness the power of its internal IT and business infrastructure, aiming to foster a data-centric culture. With mounting pressure from competitors, the company sought innovative strategies to leverage data as a critical asset for driving business growth.

To tackle this challenge, CSpring collaborated closely with the client’s stakeholders, crafting a comprehensive data strategy designed to meet business needs and enhance customer service on a global scale.


CSpring interviewed the company’s senior management team representing Supply Chain, Business Systems, Research and Development, Commercial, Finance, and IT. By understanding the current state of data, systems, processes, and future objectives, we laid the groundwork for a transformative Information Innovation Workshop. 

The workshop, driven by CSpring’s data experts, fostered consensus on creating a Global Data Vision, Data Mission, and Federated Data Architecture strategy. The key theme? “Connect Today’s and Tomorrow’s Information to Gain a Competitive Advantage.”

This collaborative effort culminated in the establishment of a Data Governance Organization (DGO). The DGO ensures data stewardship, aligns data projects with corporate KPIs, and guarantees value delivery. This strategic framework now serves as the company’s blueprint for assembling and disseminating data across its global operations.

Through our partnership, CSpring delivered a visionary approach to managing data as a strategic asset, providing the client with a sustainable competitive edge.

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