How We’re Operating


We’ve all been forced to operate differently. We’ve had to adjust to working from home, distancing from our loved ones, and sit on hours’ worth of video calls instead of in-person meetings. Life looks a lot different than it did a few weeks ago. Every employer has had to pivot their efforts or make changes to what everyday work life looks like. Here’s a glimpse as to how we’ve been operating here at CSpring.


You’ve probably seen us post about Monday Muffins before. Every Monday at 8:30 am we gather in the office kitchen and catch up on our weekend over a small breakfast. We usually have something along the lines of bagels, donuts, or fresh fruit, and all CSpring consultants are encouraged to attend as long as they have no conflicts.

Now, we’ve been doing them virtually and eating breakfast from our makeshift at-home desks. We do this every Monday to make sure we’re starting the week off on a good foot and try to retain our “normal” as much as possible.


These are pretty standard at CSpring but have a little bit more weight now that in-office interaction has been taken away. Every week we’re sent updates on what different departments are working on, what’s moving forward, and just in general what’s going on. This helps our team stay aligned on company goals, projects, and employees!


We are still giving one another the recognition they deserve. With our internal communications platform, Ohana, we’re able to give colleagues “High-Fives” for the work they’ve done! It’s a special way to give a shout out for going above and beyond.


We recently wrapped up our book club meetings on The ONE Thing and are planning on starting up another one very soon! For CSpring employees, book club is a great way to decompress and spend time with one another talking about something other than work.


While we may not be able to go to a workout class or hike with our friends, we’re still able to go outside and get some fresh air. We had a “Get Outdoors” challenge in mid-March to encourage our employees to get outside and take a break from their work!


As of the first week of April, our Tableau-Certified consultants have been hosting Tableau Doctor Office Hours on Friday’s. We’ve helped countless data analysts solve problems in Tableau, from general feedback, to help with forecasting, to editing and updating data in an existing workbook. We’re still hosting them bi-weekly and you can find the remaining dates here.

It’s times like these where we’re lucky to have our Ohana and keep our company culture strong through this pandemic – without burning out our employees.  We’re proud of our consultants and the work they continue to do through this time.

Looking for your next opportunity? We’re still hiring! Check out our open positions here.