Webinar: Migrating Workloads to Azure


Presented by: Marty Goode, Principal Consultant, Data Architect

Today, data is one of the most important assets for any company. The ability to manage and use that data to its fullest potential has a huge impact on success.

Data architecture and data strategy are the blueprint for data analytics success. They align your business processes and vision for the future with everything you plan to do with your data – from acquisition to consumption. Great data architecture and data strategy allow you to exceed your business goals with technology and ensure your systems are all working together.

If you are considering migrating current application and business process workloads and data to the cloud, this webinar series is for you! In this webinar, we will look specifically at migrating workloads to Azure, types of workloads and migration methods, common techniques and tools used, and have a short application and data migration demo. 

Watch recording here.

Password: Ek!m6N#8

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