Why We Redesigned CSpring.com


If you’re a marketer, you know the importance of a clean, concise, user-friendly website that provides value to your prospects and buyers. Even if you’re not a marketer, chances are you know that website updates are important to stay current with your brand and services. With less work being done face-to-face and an increase in online presence, a website is an important asset for any brand. The CSpring team decided our website was due for a facelift. Sure, we wanted to better align it with our marketing goals and ensure a better user experience, but there are a few other key components that factored into our website redesign.

Align our website with our business goals and technology

Practice what you preach, right? Like any other business, we have goals to meet and aim to do that through our technology and software. It’s two-fold – our website was optimized to help us meet our business goals, so ultimately, we can help you reach yours!

Our new website has faster load times, animations, and is better optimized on mobile and tablet devices. It’s optimized for all audiences, industries, and paints a more holistic view of what we do and who we serve.

Brand Refresh

As we’ve grown over the past few years, our brand has evolved. We wanted our new website to reflect that accordingly. Some words we use to describe our brand are fresh, professional, humble, and clean – and our friends at Iconic Digital Marketing Agency helped us capture it perfectly.

We took inspiration from our office space, too. When you click on one of our blogs, case studies, or other resources, the pattern that serves as the header can also be found etched into the glass in our office! Talk about a personal touch!

Serving Others

We’ve worked hard to help organizations meet their fullest potential by aligning technology with their business goals and we want to showcase our success stories. On our resources page, you can now filter out Case Studies to read of other organizations we’ve helped in the past. We will be uploading more periodically, so we encourage you to follow our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for notifications when new case studies go live. 

We hope that you’re just as excited about our new website as we are. We know that this is an investment and on-going project that will serve as a true asset to CSpring’s brand.