Meet Our Consultants: Morgan Hogenmiller


I was one of the first people to graduate with the Data Analytics major from Denison University and knew that I wanted to pursue a data-oriented position post-grad. Originally, I considered applying for data journalism positions until I heard about Orr Fellowship at my school’s career fair and quickly became interested in applying to become an Orr Fellow. I happily accepted an offer at CSpring, my Orr company, where I’m a Junior Data Scientist. In this role, I am able to practice and exercise my skills in data visualization, analytics, and data storytelling.



When I first heard about Orr Fellowship, I just felt like they got what I was about. Commitment to work, getting involved in a community, and being around intelligent, creative, and energetic people!

One of the first Orr Fellows I met when I made it to the final phases of the application process was Christina Zerfas. Christina works on our Ohana team. It was clear that she was a motivated visionary and entrepreneur and she solidified that Orr Fellowship was full of people I could learn a lot from and grow alongside. I was extremely excited to receive my offer from CSpring on Finalist Day in November 2018.

As a technology consulting company, CSpring appealed to me because I wanted to grow into my skills as a data analyst and consultant. CSpring’s people stood out to me. I saw how genuinely they not only cared about their work but about each other as individuals.



Data, software engineering, and analytics are all buzzwords in the tech space. The impact that CSpring’s work has can be expressed simply: CSpring’s work impacts clients by giving them the technical boost they need to meet their goals and reach their full potential.

I work best when I have a deep understanding of how different bodies are working together to reach an end goal or product. As a Jr. Data Scientist, I get to learn about all of the processes that synergize to make a sound data storage design for querying or for an endpoint. I love that I work in close proximity to those working on every part of these processes, from the project management side to application development and testing at CSpring.

On a technical level, I hope to learn how to effectively handle complex problems with massive data. I want to lead projects that involve end-to-end processing from database architecture, to security, and analysis. Personally, I want to increase my flexibility and work on efficiently managing work on multiple projects at once. I also want to get even better at communicating with people who have various understandings of technical knowledge.



Out of our four core values, “Consultative” resonates the most with me. I spend a lot of time seeking to understand what I can do or say to help others, whether they are my family, friends, or strangers. Even though I am on the technical side of the team, I always want to make sure I understand the overarching goals of the client in all areas to help deliver what they are looking for.

I also find that my team is always living out and practicing our core values. My CSpring colleagues have been so encouraging and are always willing to offer guidance when I have questions about my tasks. The culture of collaboration here really is impressive. The leaders here at CSpring prioritize improving our team as a whole whenever possible, even if it means sacrificing some of their personal time.

I look up to so many people here at CSpring! Just to name a few…

  • Cynthia Pizarro, President – Cynthia is an expert at not only managing all of CSpring but making everyone she encounters smile. I admire her for her creative, visionary mindset and how she balances all that she does with a great attitude!
  • Gabriela Tweedy, Consultant– It becomes quickly noticeable after working with Gabby that she genuinely enjoys helping others. She goes above and beyond what is asked for in her work and always ensures her colleagues have a safe, friendly environment to work in.
  • Lexi Ochoa, Marketing Specialist – When Lexi has an idea, she pursues it. She rapidly became a marketing expert at CSpring after studying music performance. I am always impressed by how she takes on new challenges and excels in them.

I am excited to tackle more projects and see what I am capable of throughout my next two years at CSpring. One of my goals is to be strong enough as a coder and data scientist to take some serious work off of my supervisor so he can do even more of what he loves and create new projects!

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