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Strategy & Advisory

Align business goals with the right technology that will scale as you grow.

Data & Analytics

Put your data to work to inform and automate your decisions.


Get the help you need when you need it.

Your business goals are attainable.

Our team focuses on your business first. We align business goals with the right technology so you are ready to scale, without worrying whether your technology will support your most ambitious goals.

Your business goals are attainable.

Our team focuses on your business first. We align business goals with the right technology so you are ready to scale, without worrying whether your technology will support your most ambitious goals.


Our workshops are powerful tools to help your organization achieve its goals and objectives. During these interactive sessions, a CSpring consultant guides your key stakeholders through a structured process of identifying opportunities, analyzing challenges, and developing a clear, actionable plan to achieve success. The workshop is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs and can cover a range of topics across the data spectrum.

By participating in a strategy workshop, your organization will gain valuable insights, and create a shared sense of purpose and direction that will drive performance and achieve results. The Analytics Discovery Workshop is a great way to manage innovation and test plans before making a big investment. And, the Data Governance Workshop builds alignment related to data stewardship practices and policies, resulting in greater confidence and peace of mind.

Align your data strategy with your business goals and decide how offensive or defensive you want to be with your data.

Identify solutions to specific issues using data science/analytics. Optionally, add on a 5-day design sprint to focus on a particular data-driven problem.

Create, adopt, and communicate a data governance roadmap to align your organization on how data is gathered, stored, processed, and protected. 


Our assessments are designed to discover your current and target states.  This step ensures any solution designs will support your business for the long-haul.  This step will save you time, money, and potential missteps while engaging your team and driving adoption early in the process.


Data Maturity Assessment

The C|DM2 is our process for evaluating your current people, processes, and technologies. This assessment identifies areas for improvement and establish a roadmap for achieving data maturity and success.


Data Governance Assessment

The C|DG2 is our proces for evaluation a data governance approach. It helps to highlight 10 key areas of data governance and any gaps between current state and target state.

Governance Program Development

Governance programs are a key component to implementing an effective data strategy. CSpring takes a business-first approach to designing the model to be used for data services. Once a business-aligned, data strategy exists, governance practices are established to provide a top-down approach while management and architecture connect from the bottom up.

Fractional Chief Data Officer

Our fCDO services allow you to take advantage of experienced professionals from high-growth, data-centric companies as strategic advisors, providing expert guidance and support on all aspects of data management and analytics. As a fractional employee, the fCDO provides same level of expertise and leadership as a full-time CDO at a fraction of the cost.

Let your data do the work for you.

When your data gets the attention it deserves, your job gets exponentially easier.  Make better, faster decisions and automate manual processes so you can spend your time on the work that matters most.

Data Platform Development & Engineering

Our team has deep experience in designing and delivering a wide variety of data solutions. We leveraged this expertise to create a best-in-class, flexible, and adaptable framework called C|DataFlex.  This flexible and adaptable technical framework is CSpring’s unique and forward-thinking approach to data architecture.


Designed to empower organizations to drive their own technology selection, CSpring data consultants guide our clients along the design journey.

This approach includes leveraging our expertise in ELT/ETL, reverse-ETL, and API tooling for both on-premises and cloud solutions. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Snowflake, Fivetran, and others enable us leverage enterprise grade platforms and combine them with precision engineering to deliver incredible solutions.

Our end-to-end solutions ensure our customers can easily access source data, stored data (data warehouse or lakes), and analytics as needed.

Visualizations & Reporting

Our team has expertise in designing, developing, and delivering Tableau, Power BI, and Python visualization builds. Our focus is never on a specific technology but, rather, on the best tool for the job and value for the investment. Partnerships, such as CSpring’s distinction as a Tableau Services Partner, provide our consultants and clients access to early technology releases and education so that we can better guide our clients and maximize the technology’s capabilities.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Our team of experienced data scientists and machine learning experts work with clients to provide a range of services including AI, predictive analytics, machine learning, and advanced analytics. We understand data is key to driving business growth and making informed decisions. That’s why we work closely with our clients to help them extract insights from their data and turn them into actionable information to drive growth and improve performance. Whether you’re looking to build a predictive model, automate a process, or simply better understand your customers, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Process Automation

Our team of experts work with organizations to automate manual, time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as re-keying information, collecting data from the web, emailing reports, and more. We use Python scripting, the latest RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools, and other technologies to create efficient, accurate and reliable process automation solutions and help organizations streamline their operations and reduce costs. By automating data-centric processes, organizations can improve their efficiency, accuracy, and compliance while reducing the risk of human error. Our process automation solutions help organizations improve their productivity and reduce costs by automating repetitive and manual tasks, freeing up time and resources to focus on more important business activities.

Sometimes you just need extra help.

Whether you need an extra set of hands or a trusted expert with niche skills, the team at CSpring is able to supply the right people with the right skills when you need them.

Support & Maintenance

For customers who don’t have the resources to manage data platforms and analytics solutions on their own, we provide a variety of monthly support options to keep solutions working and creating value.  This is a great option for customers that don’t want to hire resources to manage their data infrastructure or for customers who want to keep their data resources focused on value-added activities rather than maintenance of the data pipelines and solutions.

Custom Training

CSpring provides training services for a variety of solutions. As part of our standard approach, CSpring ensures you have staff trained to work with the new technologies and techniques or to support a project’s next iteration. Example training artifacts include:

  • Playbooks (Data Governance, Data Culture, Data Pipeline)

  • Data Strategy Frameworks

  • Support Plans and Knowledge Bases

  • Solution Diagrams and Technical Diagrams

  • Data Pipeline Documentation (Source, Destination, Lineage)

  • Implementation Material

  • Training Material

  • Recorded Demos and Recorded Data Analytics Training (By Domain)

  • Product Backlogs and Retrospective Documentation

Staff Augmentation

Leverage one or more CSpring consultants to scale up your team or add niche capabilities when you need them. Our consultants bring expertise as an extension of your team, working under your direction.

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