Meet Our Consultants: Nick Thomas



I was going through a lot of interviews at the time I was looking for a new job. I was surprised at how personal the interview process felt with CSpring. Speaking with Cynthia and other CSpring team members felt like a breath of fresh air. I got the feeling that leadership really cared about their employees.

I was moving from Chicago and didn’t know many people in Indianapolis. I knew that I wanted to work for a smaller company that was collaborative in nature and cared about its people – that’s why I accepted my offer to work at CSpring.


I’m a Data Scientist at CSpring working with the embedded team. We interact more directly with different agencies with the states. We get different requests and may need to follow up with the stakeholder to get details about the request. From there, the data will be pulled and cleaned. Then there is a review process and we send over a final deliverable.

My favorite CSpring core value is “collaborative.” It’s a value that is very important in the field of data science. Without collaboration, there can be no sharing of data and nothing gets done.

I look up to my colleague, Brian Minor. He usually has an answer for any question – or he knows how to find it. He’s also great at working through different problems with a clear, level-headed approach.


I really like the feel of a small company. Everyone knows everyone and are very friendly with each other. It’s also really easy to reach people when you need something. CSpring is so personable, too. There are all sorts of events that really try to keep connected given how spread out we usually are.

Working at CSpring has allowed me to grow a lot as a data scientist by being in a position to work with a lot of very talented people. Whether it’s people such as Brian Minor or some of the senior data scientists at state, I feel I’ve had a lot to draw on to grow in my skills.

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