Meet Our Consultants: Jeneesh Tailor


My road to CSpring

After completing my project in New York, I decided to look for full-time opportunities in technology consulting in Indiana. I was excited when I saw a Business Analyst position at CSpring open up. After learning more about the company culture and types of projects I could work on throughout the interview process, I accepted my offer without hesitation!

One of my goals is to better develop my soft skills, like leadership and communication, while working alongside my CSpring colleagues and our customers to provide my best work. I want to help people solve problems through data, which I knew I could accomplish working at CSpring.


Working at CSpring

As a Business Analyst, I spend most of my time understanding the needs of the client and their expectations. I work closely with our Project Manager, making sure that issues and change requests from the client are being properly addressed. In my current project, I am also able to work as a Quality Analyst, where I test and analyze layers of our database and Tableau reports by keeping track of anomalies, defects, and mitigations. I ensure our client has a holistic understanding of our end-to-end systems, perform root cause analyses, and deliver our best work to the client.

Company culture was important to me in my job search and is one of my favorite things about CSpring. The people at CSpring truly embody the culture. They give support and guidance whenever it’s needed and provide so many opportunities for continued learning – from Financial Wellness Lunch & Learns or skills training workshops. They foster both personal and professional development and truly believe in maintaining a work-life balance.


Our culture

Out of our four core values, “consultative” resonates the most with me. I have to be consultative in my line of work! I always aim to identify the root cause of a problem and strive to provide the best solutions to my team. However, being reminded of all four of our core values (committed, collaborative, consultative, and caring) has helped me take ownership and ensure I’m putting my best put forward.

I look up to CSpring’s president, Cynthia Pizarro. She introduced me to the concept of servant leadership on my very first day at CSpring. As a visionary, she leads CSpring with confidence and great management skills. She encourages me to be better in the way she takes care of our “Ohana”, or our work family.

I was worried about being able to connect with my CSpring colleagues as I work on one of our client sites full-time. It’s been easier to connect with the team than I originally thought! Instead, we use communication channels like mail, Microsoft Teams, and our internal communications platform, Ohana. I’m able to receive company, project, and event updates, and even see a bit into my colleagues’ lives!

I’ve enjoyed my time at CSpring so far. I’m excited to continue growing at CSpring and working on diverse projects that impact real people!

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