What is an IT Strategy?


An IT Strategy is a plan, or roadmap, to align technology efforts with business goals. A comprehensive plan includes documentation on the current state, identifies gaps in security and weaknesses, and provides resources and recommendations on how to strengthen your business’ technology usage and optimization. It serves as a high-level overview of what technology looks like for your business and how it can help you reach your goals.

An IT Strategy is not a business strategy. While they have some similarities, the biggest difference is that an IT strategy should support an overall business strategy.

Both an IT Strategy and a Business Strategy should include:

  • Documentation of the current and future people and processes in place
  • Resource allocation
  • Identifies gaps and weaknesses
  • Budgets
  • Metrics to measure success

It may include information, documentation, and recommendations on data security measures and governance, but if that’s a top concern for your business, you can also plan a data governance strategy.



A technology strategy will align all business departments. Technology affects every department; therefore, it must be a team effort and have buy-in from all aspects of the business to be successful.

A good IT strategy will also include a plan for implementation. Holding directors, managers, and individual contributors accountable for their part of the strategy is important. Without a successful implementation, the strategy will never have its full value in your business.


Putting an IT strategy at the forefront of your business gives you a competitive edge and shows your employees that you’re thinking for the long-term. One of the biggest security threats for organizations are uninformed employees. There are new threats every day to your organization. It’s a common misconception that technology gaps and mistakes are the IT department’s fault, and it’s usually not. Educating and rallying your employees around utilizing technology to its fullest potential, and safely will save your business in the long run.

While an IT Strategy may be costly, it will position your organization for long-term success. If you need help building out your IT Strategy, check out our services page and when you’re ready, get in touch for a free consultation.