Software Assessments To Align With Organizational Restructuring

Case Study


Our client operated a financial accounting system, whose underlying architecture was obsolete and no longer supported by Oracle. This outdated system prevented guaranteed operational integrity, exposing our client to increased security risk and cost. Our client sought our help in upgrading to the latest Oracle Financials software, a cloud-based solution.


Besides needing a system upgrade that would replace Oracle 11i, our client was in the midst of a corporate restructuring effort. To respond to changing corporate strategy and market drivers, they required a solution architecture that was modular and nimble.


CSpring partnered with the client’s leadership team to design a solution that would satisfy three key business drivers: address obsolescence of current platforms, maintain company controls and transparency of financials, and deploy a simplified and optimized ledger for each division. Our solution delivered on these elements while maintaining a strategic architecture responsive to future business growth and reconfiguration opportunities.


CSpring played a key role in the evaluation, business case analysis, and selection Oracle Fusion, a cloud-based program. Based on our recommendation, the client decided to move forward with the upgrade, which will drive process simplification, reduce legacy system inventory, eliminate security and operational risks, and enhance long-term system viability. The client engaged us to lead the implementation of its new agile and modular system architecture to support future business configurations. Migrating to the cloud-based system reduced associated costs of ownership and improved workforce productivity.