Integrated Data Workflow Solution For Remarque Systems

Case Study


Remarque Systems created the industry’s first purpose-built integrated workflow solution for designing, deploying, and managing Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) clinical trials. CSpring worked with Remarque Systems since its inception in 2015 to develop the prototype and Version 1 of the production platform.


Remarque wanted to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its platform, yet harness them to a user-friendly interface to enable easy data analysis. The product needed to enable various data monitors to create and take actions, all within an audit trail-supported system to ensure actions taken are based on the risks identified in the trial data.


CSpring provided multiple IT resources with expertise in UI/UX, focusing on HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, AngularJS, High Charts, and High Maps. These skills were utilized both in an early prototype and in a fully validated version of the solution platform. CSpring’s designers and developers incorporated advanced visualizations, analytics, and machine learning for robust risk prediction, detection, analysis, and management.


In partnership with Remarque, CSpring helped create an RBM solution designed to enable employees to work within the system, using intelligently displayed, near-real-time data that can be analyzed down to the patient level. CSpring’s consultants helped the client incorporate best-of-breed technology into its flagship platform and ensure that the resulting product was delivered on time and according to specifications.

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