Alteryx Inspire Conference Recap


Once again, the world of data was buzzing this past week as Alteryx hosted their annual Alteryx Inspire Conference. Whenever major data companies like Alteryx host their annual conferences, everyone turns their heads to focus on what is in store for data in the future. This past week, CSpring’s data and analytics team got to enjoy the three-day conference and had some major takeaways on not only Alteryx, but on the future of data as well.

Key Takeaways from Alteryx Inspire

As our team reflected on the conference and gathered our insights, there was one common theme that prevailed. Something along the lines of “that was a lot of information” to “that felt very high level,” initially we did not know what to really think of the conference. Sure, there were some hands-on workflow demos, but for the most part, the conference took the power-of-data approach.

The more we thought about the conference and what we learned, it became apparent that this birds eye view with some sprinkled in use cases was the only way to have a successful conference for Alteryx. Why? Because the use cases are truly infinite when it comes to the power of what Alteryx can do.

The Inspire Conference featured different use cases from supply chain to health care. The practicality of a product like Alteryx is so universal that there could realistically be a conference for each industry and how Alteryx is used. At CSpring, we have carefully curated the products and services that we offer as a consulting company. Having a tool such as Alteryx that is applicable across multiple industries is critical to serving a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors. Not only were we reminded during Alteryx Inspire of how universal the tool is, but we were also introduced to the new features and company updates that were released this past week.

Big News for Alteryx

This year’s Alteryx Inspire had an added layer of pressure to perform. That is because this past year Alteryx has undergone management change at the executive level and having a successful three-day conference was imperative. This year’s day one keynote was given by the new CEO, Mark Anderson, as he laid out the framework of the direction towards which Alteryx was heading.

The biggest announcement of the conference was the release of the Alteryx Designer Cloud. By now, the term “cloud” is mainstream in the data world, if not the most popular initiative of the past decade for most companies. The same has proven true now for Alteryx.

Traditionally, the Alteryx desktop designer was a strictly on-prem data solution where workflows could be published locally or shared via a much larger solution, Alteryx Server. Being away from your desktop at home left you out of luck when it came to accessing your workflows and managing data off site. The request for Alteryx Designer Cloud has been heard from all over the Alteryx Community and I guarantee data scientists are itching for the official release date.

Alteryx Designer Cloud Highlights (according to Alteryx)
  • The best of Alteryx Designer capabilities in the cloud with easy, one-click browser access
  • Supports smart interoperability between Designer Cloud and Designer Desktop
  • Drag-and-drop, no-code access to cloud data platforms, applications and on-premises data
  • Visual data prep, blending, analytics and outcomes that can be published to diverse endpoints
  • Personalization of the user experience and Designer’s well known signature ease-of-use
The Power of Alteryx

So now that we have discussed what is on the horizon at Alteryx, the real question becomes, “What is Alteryx being used for today?” At CSpring, Alteryx is synonymous with automation. Whether it is automating a manual daily task or harnessing data for the first time, the beauty of Alteryx is that there is always an ROI attached to it. Usually calculated in terms of man hours, Alteryx is capable of automating tasks that could take hours every week down to just mere seconds. Not only does this free up internal time to work on other aspects of the business, but this automation can become contagious in a culture that is always seeking to add new value. While the use cases are nearly infinite, Alteryx has the capability to touch just about every aspect of the way business is done by truly harnessing, automating, and reporting on data.

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